Appsumo Deal : BackupGuard WordPress Plugin Lifetime Deal for $39.00


BackupGuard WordPress Plugin :To get started with BackupGuard, simply install the plugin, click on BackupGuard from WordPress left-side menu, and login with your credentials.From the main screen, you can perform Backup, Migrate and Restore processes.

Backing up your site is like drinking water—you know you have to, but remembering when is tough. Thanks to BackupGuard, you can easily automate the process and schedule backups based on your preferred timeline.

Buy BackupGuard WordPress Plugin Lifetime Deal for $39.00

BackupGuard WordPress Plugin

With the Security plugin, you’ll protect your website with a powerful firewall.The Firewall section lets you access the settings to guard your site against a wide variety of malicious URI requests, bad bots, spam referrers, and other attacks.

Get Appsumo BackupGuard WordPress Plugin in the Deal fpr $39.00

Backup Guard also constantly scans your website for code injections, malware, and backdoor viruses.So even though it’s a big bad digital world out there, you know your content and information will always be safe.Think of it like your site’s suit of armor, but way less clunky, heavy, and loud.

With that plus the constant fear of a security breach, you need a safety net like BackupGuard.Easily automate consistent backups and safeguard your website in the cloud, so you can get back to building your business and carpe-ing every single diem.

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