Appsumo Deal : Contest Domination Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Contest Domination :With Contest Domination, you can create viral contests to build a list of qualified email prospects as quickly as possible.Getting started with Contest Domination is easy, thanks to the step-by-step wizard .

Contest Domination focuses on building your email list, instead of just keeping you chained to a single social media platform .The plug-and-play referral engine rewards contestants for referring their friends into the contest using special tracking links.

Buy Contest Domination Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Contest Domination

Once your campaign is over, picking your winner is as easy as clicking a button—literally.Just select a winner from the “winner” tab of your contest and crown that lucky so-and-so with all that viral glory.After picking your winner (or winners), Contest Domination sets you up with a list of people who just told you they’re interested in your product.

Get Appsumo Contest Domination in the Deal for $49.00

Whether someone’s from the wrong geolocation or a member of your team  you can just click the “Disqualify” button and get ‘em out of your hair.So unlike your third-grade dodgeball tournament, you’ll rest assured that Contest Domination will keep your contests a strict no-cheating zone.

You can sing from the rooftops about your latest product launch, but it won’t help you close any deals. Contest Domination lets you sit back and have your contestants connect you to their networks.

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