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Copysmith : CopySmith is the brainchild of Jasmine Wang. She studied computer science in college, after which she further went to MILA the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms to do NLP research. According to an interview, CopySmith was an idea that came to her last year when she ventured into an eCommerce store.

Staring at a blank page trying to brainstorm copy is both frustrating and time-consuming.Thankfully, you now have an exciting new tool at your disposal to help solve this particular predicament.The name of that tool is Copysmith… and it’s here just in the nick of time to make all your copywriting woes go away for good.

Buy Copysmith Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Copysmith uses state-of-the-art machine learning tricks to allow you to experiment with copy faster and more efficiently.With Copysmith, you can brainstorm, manage, and evaluate copy all in the same place.Copysmithing is also up to 50X faster than copywriting.

Get Appsumo Copysmith in the Deal for $69.00

Been working with this tool for the last few weeks and once you get the hang of it, it can really save you hours of staring at blank pages. I’m pretty new to this ai generation stuff,

CopySmith may not try to ‘do it all’ but what it does, it does very well. Even with complex requests – eg. creating landing page to promote my new research into Microsoft Teams Governance .

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