Appsumo Deal : Guestboard Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Guestboard :Based on your chosen event type, Guestboard will load certain popular widgets by default.If you want to customize those choices, you can always edit these widgets using the “+” button in the menu bar.Best of all, the dedicated iOS and Android app lets you and your guests stay connected on the go.

In a world of Zoom happy hours and FaceTime dates, Guestboard offers a solution for organizing your virtual meetings, making it perfect for hybrid events.Whether you’re hosting Q&As, teasers, or other value-add interactions, Guestboard’s Video Chat feature lets you host video meetings before, during, or after your event!

Buy Guestboard Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Using the Message Board widget, you can keep all event-related conversations organized like a mini-Reddit for your event community.Attendees can use this space to ask questions or even post content that’s collectively valuable to other guests, turning your guest list into your biggest engagement asset.

Guestboard is also a useful resource for your attendees, letting them view the event agenda, access important resources on demand, and expand their network.You can also use “Guest Groups” in order to create private threads and schedule items that are only shown to certain people, such as internal staff, VIPs, and vendors.

Get Appsumo Guestboard in the Deal for $59.00

If you’re hosting smaller group events or you’re looking for a different format than the forum style of the Message Board, you can opt for the handy Chat widget.Just like Slack, Guestboard’s Chat is a linear messenger that lets you update all your attendees at once.

Whether it’s a camping trip or a tech conference, save your energy for the big day and let Guestboard take care of keeping everyone informed and excited.

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