Appsumo Deal : Hexowatch Lifetime Deal for $98.00


Hexowatch :Hexowatch goes a step further by letting you use an HTML monitor on one or more fields—perfect for checking price updates or product availability.The visual and HTML element monitors also enable you to perform custom actions such as clicking,

logging in to password protected sites, setting cookies, or closing modal windows.You can also use the technology monitor to keep an eye on changes to the tech stack or third-party scripts used on any page.So you’re covered whether your competitors saw crazy conversions after setting up an A/B testing tool,

Buy Hexowatch Lifetime Deal for $98.00


The automatic monitor even lets you engage autopilot mode, which gives you a heads-up when any visual, content, HTML, or technology changes are detected.Pages you’re monitoring are archived for three months, and you can monitor any time frame from every few months to as early as every 15 minutes.

Get Appsumo Hexowatch in the Deal for $98.00

By default Hexowatch checks pages as a desktop computer with a large screen, but you can also specify one of seven device sizes from mobile to desktop for the visual monitor.Hexowatch even integrates with email, Slack, Telegram, Google Sheets, Integrately, and Zapier to blend easily into your ecosystem!

That’s why Hexowatch automates the process with options for visual, content, HTML, keyword, WHOIS, and technology monitoring, giving you all the insights with none of the work.This is your chance to finally get back to focusing on your own business, instead of everyone else’s.

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