Appsumo Deal : INBOX Lifetime Deal for $59.00


INBOX :INBOX will also keep you up to date with analytics.Track your campaign results with handy statistics like emails opened, read, and reported as spam.This information is stored across all of your previous campaigns, so you’ll have detailed data on what’s doing well and what you need to improve.

INBOX takes all of your brands and houses them under one roof, letting you create and send great emails without the hassle.So don’t miss your chance to grab one INBOX to rule them all.

Buy INBOX Lifetime Deal for $59.00


making your ecommerce business less dependant on the sometimes unreliable flow of new customers. Email marketing helps you build your brand and get better customers who spend more money with you.

Get Appsumo INBOX in the Deal for $59.00

take this automated email campaign further than a single reminder email. Consider a sequence of emails, and you can continue to reap the benefits long after you push the campaign live.

So I try to use Inbox today after purchase and try to import my contact and send 1 broadcast. really happy when I see deliverability,

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