Appsumo Deal : Markup Hero Lifetime Deal for $39.00


Markup Hero :You can even try the annotation tool without an account, just in case you wanna take it out for a test drive first.All of your markups will be transferred when you create an account, so none of your work gets lost.

Markup Hero stores your history forever without storage limits, so you’ll never lose an annotation.And if that’s not enough forever for you, you can also edit your stored markups forever. That means your markups will never get flattened when you close the annotator.

Buy Markup Hero Lifetime Deal for $39.00

Markup Hero

And to make the most of your history, Markup Hero also allows you to tag your markups.Then you can quickly filter and search through your markups using your own tags.You’ll have the organizational system of your dreams, instead of that one nightmare with the giant crab.

Whether you’re a product manager, customer support rep, or just someone who screenshots your fave DIY crafts from Pinterest, your desktop probably looks like a losing Tetris screen.

Get Appsumo Markup Hero in the Deal for $39.00

Markup Hero helps you keep track of your screenshots and annotations, so you’ll never have to waste time hunting for that one file ever again.

It took a while to get used to it as I was already accustomed to using different products to achieve the same results. The workflow of capturing, storing and sending off documents & images to team members or clients took many additional steps.

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