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Scribbbe :But Scribbbe provides a different vision of transcription with an adaptive A.I. that adjusts to your voice, getting to know how you say things for higher accuracy.Features like advanced punctuation, personalized vocabulary, and speaker recognition allow you to walk away with a more accurate transcription the first time.

Once the transcription is complete, you’ll be able to download your transcriptions, make edits, search the transcripts, or share them with others.Choose settings like language, speaker identification, timecode, and more to make sure you’re getting a transcription you’re happy with.

Buy Scribbbe Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Most “automatic” transcription tools feel like more work than just doing it all yourself. (Scribbbe helps you repurpose content with simple, quick, and accurate transcription that adapts to your voice.So invest in a transcription tool that actually listens to you.

Get Appsumo Scribbbe in the Deal for $69.00

However, this weekend the team from Scribbbe send me an email telling me about the new “Major update”. The interface is miles ahead of where it was earlier this month. Still very minimalist, but it works for me. Text is no longer parsed into one big block but neatly into paragraphs along with Timecode and Speaker information.

But perhaps the most important part of this update is that the team demonstrated that they have the capacity and momentum to develop the tool into something that I will use on a daily basis.

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