Appsumo Deal : Watermarkup Lifetime Deal for $15.00


Watermarkup :You can choose to watermark photos in single or batch mode. With the batch mode, you can add text, logo, or text template to many photos at the same time, and download them with a single click.

You can customize the opacity of the watermarks, move the watermarks around your photos, flip them horizontally or vertically, and more!Watermarkup also helps you place your logo across the image in the tiled mode so that no one can steal and reuse your brand assets anymore.

Buy Watermarkup Lifetime Deal for $15.00


Watermarkup doesn’t limit the size of your uploaded images or change your photo resolutions. One of the most important things is that your image quality is always preserved.

Get Appsumo Watermarkup in the Deal $15.00

For my Travel agency, it is crucial to create a reliable social presence. But adding my logo and watermark to the tour photos manually was really tough. And it was consuming the lion-share of my time.

I was searching for an easy to use watermark tool for my project and after testing a few am very glad to find this program . It is simple , the GUI is pretty amazing. Now I can watermark tons of images just by selecting all .

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