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Poda Appsumo: From project planning to brainstorming to managing course notes to marketing plans to keeping your thoughts organised and staying focused on what matters most to creating epic visual roadmaps… Poda is where it’s at.

Originally built to support modern product development workflows like Opportunity Solutions Trees OKRs and GIST planning Poda’s visual roadmaps help keep you on the path towards your product’s north star.

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Poda AppsumoBut Poda is not only great for product management — it’s also great for any type of planning and helps put the “why” before the “what” when it comes to visualising dependancies and highlighting the shortest path forward to meet each of your goals.

Don’t wait try if for yourself at or check out our roadmap if you want to see what’s upcoming.

After working on both feature-driven and outcome-driven teams I quickly came to understand that outcome-driven teams results continuously outstrip the traditional top-down approach of feature-driven teams.

Click Here to Buy Poda Appsumo Black Friday Lifetime Deal at $49

It’s easy to map an idea back to how it fits in the product strategy this means everyone understands and is aligned on why we are focusing on an idea now.

I think most people use basic mind map features if Poda improves the current mind map features.

Plans & features

Lifetime access to Poda Plan

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All future Poda Plan updates


Unlimited Users
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Nodes
10GB Storage
1 Workspace
Stacking info: Each additional code = an additional workspace (10 codes max)

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