Appsumo Lifetime: AaDya Security Lifetime Deal for $69.00


AaDya Security Appsumo: The full suite of functionality has been consolidated into one nimble browser extension—all you have to do is download install and set up your account. The platform also generates individual security scores for each employee and lets cybersecurity leaders track the company’s overall security health on a simple dashboard.

Judy’s password manager allows you to create store and access login information across every device. You can even import stored passwords from other password management tools such as 1Password and LastPass. Plus save time with Judy’s single sign-on feature which lets you bypass the login screen for sites you use every day with the peace of mind that your password is secure.

Click Here to Buy AaDya Security Lifetime Deal for $69.00

AaDya Security Appsumo

And with a daily security briefing you’ll get actionable information on potential vulnerabilities including a password audit and suggestions for stronger logins. Judy does more than just protect your data and logins—it also monitors devices around the clock to detect and stop spyware malware ransomware botnets and other viruses.

Click Here to Buy AaDya Security Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Robust anti-phishing capabilities evaluate all links for potential schemes at the DNS layer so you’re protected no matter which browser or application you’re using. And since Judy is powered by AI and machine learning it’s always developing smarter endpoint-detection responses.

If a threat is detected Team Blue cybersecurity experts analyze the issue—and you can communicate with the pros in real-time to make sure the problem gets resolved. Plus Judy’s Team Blue functionality lets you create customized compliance and board governance reports featuring your company logo to share with potential customers partners and investors.

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