Appsumo Lifetime: Adriel Lifetime Deal for $79.00


Adriel Appsumo: you no longer have to look through hundreds of rows of data to find out how to get better returns from your campaigns. The platform analyzes your data in real-time to warn you about changes in trends. You can turn insightful alerts into game-changing action directly from your dashboard so you never miss out on a golden opportunity again.

Maximizing efficiency with reporting automation means you can spend time where it matters most—that is less time aggregating and more time optimizing. Adriel automates data collection unification and visualization from multiple channels into a single workspace.

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Adriel Appsumo

you’ll be able to seamlessly communicate and share information with team members clients and other stakeholders right from the platform. Empower collaborators to explore data while using separate customizable dashboards to achieve specific needs and goals.

Click Here to Buy Adriel Lifetime Deal for $79.00

You can take your agency services to the next level by sharing dashboards with different permission levels and giving your clients access to beautifully summarized self-updating reports. Adriel also lets you download your data to share with stakeholders through fully white-labeled reports in CSV.

Adriel automates your data compiling and reporting plus gives you actionable insights into your paid marketing data so you can improve your campaigns. Maximize your paid advertising with data you can actually trust.

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