Appsumo Lifetime: Amberscript Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Amberscript Appsumo: Once your draft has been generated you can use the intuitive online text editor to revise highlight and find and search through your text with ease. You can also find and replace specific words rename speakers and remove any content that’s not relevant or interesting.

marketers who want to increase the reach of their video or podcast content the built-in editor makes it easy to create SEO-ready texts and blog content out of video or audio. AI-powered automatic alignments with customizable formatting let you create subtitles in the right format for platforms like Netflix and BBC.

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Amberscript Appsumo

The platform’s algorithm makes subtitles more readable by breaking up sentences and adding pauses in a logical way allowing you to create a more natural flow. Use the app to record interviews or meetings directly or upload audio instantly right from your smartphone or tablet.

Click Here to buy Amberscript Lifetime Deal for $69.00

The days of manually transcribing your audio are over.  If you want to leverage your audio and video content across channels Amberscript makes it a cinch to transcribe your recordings and add subtitles for accessibility.

I was looking for a solution to create captions for social media and found Amberscript. The team pointed me towards this deal which is amazing as we create loads of short videos.

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