Appsumo Lifetime: Angel Match Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Angel Match Appsumo: usually offered by new (and sometimes established) tech companies with which you get unique access to their tools/products for the lifetime with one-time-payment. Founders do so to get quick exposure to the big online market as well as to get users’ feedback.

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective efforts of family friends customers and individual investors. This approach allows a founder to connect into a collective effort of a massive pool of individual mostly online.

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Angel Match Appsumo

These funding sources are usually banks angel investors and venture capital firms which really limits the options down to a few important players. An entrepreneur can consider this fundraising approach as a funnel with you and the developed pitch at the wide end and the audience of investors at the closed end.

Click Here to Buy Angel Match Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Not only is the process of searching for investors is tedious and time-consuming but also figuring out which investors are likely to be interested in your project and how to get in direct contact with them is a nightmare.

Angel Match saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating data on angels and venture capitalists in one place.  Investors in our database are categorized by locations investment focuses investor types investment stages past investments and companies.

Angel Match

Access to a database of 90,000+ investors

Unlimited searches

Investor’s name, job title, location, and company

Email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles

Investment focuses and investment stages

Build a list of up to 100 favorite investors

Create up to 5 investor lists

Bulk select up to 25 investors at a time

Export up to 500 investors to CSV per month

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