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Beesbusy Appsumo: Beesbusy gives you three different project views: task boards Gantt charts, and team schedules. But you can also view multiple projects across those same views for a complete picture of the running workload—plus use filters to customize the display and easily find what you need.

Beesbusy’s time tracking features can reveal hang ups and help you readjust your schedules. Managers and team leaders use initial estimates for tasks before team members update their progress and time spent on each section.

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Beesbusy Appsumo

Within the Individual Dashboard you can create task lists to see what’s happening on a small scale such as tasks marked late priority or to-do tomorrow. The Customized Dashboard lets you see the tasks of your team and the Global Dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of all your project portfolios.

Click Here to  Buy Beesbusy Lifetime Deal for $49.00

You can also track the overall progress of group projects with color-coded indicators before digging deeper with a more detailed display in a drop-down menu. Add your own logo and colors to Beesbusy to keep your project management suite on-brand especially when presenting in meetings or pitches.

At some point your projects need more management attention than a digital checklist and daily Slack check-ins. Beesbusy grows with you letting you create Gantt charts organize schedules and track task times across multiple projects for a complete management solution.

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