Appsumo Lifetime: Boost Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Boost Appsumo: Boost eliminates this step by letting users opt-in with their existing social logins. And by removing barriers they’ll be more likely to provide their information. Creating an opt-in link is easy: simply paste your ultimate destination URL into Boost.

Your destination URL can be a link to download your ebook or a special page on your website that opted-in contacts can unlock. When prompted prospects can choose to continue with their preferred social account and voila!

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Boost Appsumo

Start sending emails to your contacts right away and automate campaigns by integrating Boost with third-party apps like Activecampaign Mailchimp GetResponse and Zapier. There’s also HTML form integrations.

Click Here to Buy Boost Lifetime Deal for $49.00

If you want to run platform-specific social media campaigns you can set your opt-in link to only allow opt-ins from a single social platform. For example if you want to run a Facebook campaign you can select Facebook as the social network login option.

If you already have an opt-in form on an existing landing page you can still use Boost to leverage social media logins. Add a social sign-in button on your existing pages and link it to your designated Boost link so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Create accounts and dedicated login portals for your clients that feature their branding or your agency’s branding and let them view all the data gathered by the links. Easily switch between the client view and your own view so you can manage multiple clients without losing track.

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