Appsumo Lifetime: ConectoHub Lifetime Deal for $49.00


ConectoHub Appsumo: ConectoHub has been designed to help you to work efficiently and create alignment and engagement around ambitious goals. With an OKR system integrated with work management it will help you manage your team’s strategy and performance.

Put objectives and link your goals with daily tasks and projects and see the progress instantly You can also follow your projects assign tasks to your team members set deadlines and priorities via web and iOS & android apps to be aligned with your colleagues.

Click Here to Buy ConectoHub Lifetime Deal for $49.00

ConectoHub Appsumo

Automated reports and insights will find your bottlenecks as well as efficient stages hence create the most productive workplace.  Easy to adopt especially for non-technical teams. You simply don’t have time to teach everyone how to use every tool.

Click Here to Buy ConectoHub Lifetime Deal for $49.00

ConectoHub is an innovative way to manage your business by allowing you to focus on your goals and company growth. I love how I can use it to reach my company’s goals and check my progress easily. I also love how I can keep track of my team’s performance and send them reminders about deadlines and projects.

Conectohub helped me to control my duties and create teams. It improved my work efficiency and enabled us to work more cohesively as a team. Now we can follow our tasks more regularly and deliver them on time. I can also determine where the employees I have assigned tasks get stuck in and where they perform better.

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