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CrawlQ Appsumo: CrawlQ helps you identify your target audience conduct market research and generate high-quality content that’s tailored towards your target audience. You can use CrawlQ’s AI-assisted market research tools to quickly test product-market fit and business ideas.

you can delve further into sub-niche and micro-niche to find the best stories to resonate with your target audience. For example a niche is music fans a sub-niche is rock fans and a micro-niche is fans of The Rolling Stones.

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CrawlQ Appsumo

Take your analysis even deeper by defining niche semantics psychographics and sales objections or discover key behavioral insights like desires fears and suspicions. Plus CrawlQ studies search intent making sure you address users’ specific pain points in your copy through the AI’s behavioral analytics.

Click Here to Buy CrawlQ Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Once you’ve got insights into your market niche, CrawlQ’s AI engine, Athena will take the wheel to automate content creation for you. You’ll be able to generate completely unique high-quality content that speaks to your audience directly.

Use the Sales Copywriter to write sales content AI Writer to write or repurpose blogs or Text Summarizer to create social media snippets out of longer-form content. You can get all of your sales letters scripts webinars email autoresponders or copy of any kind generated quickly and effectively.

CrawlQ takes the pressure out of making content by automatically researching your target audience and reeling them in with compelling writing.

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