Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Branded Link Shortener Marketplace for $14.00


Branded Link Shortener :Entering a URL into your internet browser sends an HTTP request to the web server to pull up a specific website. The long and the short URLs are both simply different starting points for an internet browser to get the same destination.

There’s a ton of data to chew on if you use Bitly. Here, you can see each link’s performance with metrics like demographic data, referral sources, and click-throughs via the robust Bitly dashboard.

Buy Branded Link Shortener Lifetime Deal for $14.00

Branded Link Shortener

Get real-time notifications when links are clicked with the help of Hyperlink, or change the settings to hourly, daily, or weekly summaries.Hyperlink also provides per-click details: find out the device, location, and referral info for every visitor,

Get Appsumo Branded Link Shortener in the Deal for $14.00

This tool finally brings all the features that a link shortener needs. To quickly shorten a link, you are not held up with unnecessary settings. But if you need additional features, then there are no limits. For marketing and user segmentation a dream.

The smart redirects of Clkim’s system are, well, smart. Based on contextual triggers, the URL can redirect users based on mobile operating system or geography, so they’re accessing your site in a way that works best for them.

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