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Cue : If your pages have good traffic, but you’re not completely satisfied with the conversion rates they are generating, it probably means that your funnel is lacking traction.Cue provides that traction and helps you turn leads into paying customers.

Use their social proof tool to inform your website visitors about your newly-acquired clients and/or recent purchases made on your website.This social proof-based confirmation will fortify your brand’s credibility, provide your visitors with one final nudge down your funnel, and therefore increase your conversion rates by boosting trust among your visitors.

Buy Cue Lifetime Deal For $49.00


You can tailor the data, tone, shape, position, brand, and conversion/action type shown in the messages, as well as tweak when and which notification type will be displayed — and therefore make effective social proof Cues that best suit your campaign strategy and your target audience.

Get Appsumo Cue in the DEal for $49.00

Cue is a user-friendly and easy-to-implement tool that uses the concept of social proof to drive more conversions and build more credibility around your website, product, brand,


Unlimited impressions

Hot Cue conversion amplification

Urgent Cue conversion increase

Message customization

Clickable notifications

Notification duration

Notification frequency

15+ Customizable settings

Customizable branding

Priority support)

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