Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Mailifier Marketplace for $99.00


Mailifier : Mailifier is a simple and powerful email verification tool & API that cleans up your lists and helps you improve deliverability and campaign performance. With Mailifier you can validate thousands of emails with a user-friendly dashboard or with a simple API call.

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Buy Mailifier Lifetime Deal for $99.00


There are two reasons they do this with the first being an immediate cash injection into their business that can often negate the need for venture capital.The other reason is that they get a highly motivated study group of initial users who will give them valuable feedback on how to make the app better.

Get Appsumo Mailifier in the Deal for $99.00

They offer full-featured service entirely dedicated to email verification.Their high-precision algorithms, user-friendly interface and integration features are meant to help you get only actual email addresses without hard bounces.

Mailifier is an email verification software offering bulk email evaluation facilities to individuals. Users can seamlessly improve their deliverability rates and avoid invalid email addresses in their mailing list by using the platform. They just need to upload their email list to the system and get access to detailed analysis reports.

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