Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Marketplace for $39.00

21 : is easy to use and promises just what it says it does. I talked to the team about integrating with Zapier and it sounds like they are working on their API which will be super handy when trying to customize a large number of QR codes. Overall good simple product.

You can set this up with little to no instructions. With the dynamic link feature, you can’t lose. I set up a PDF with various links to my QR code using this tool and hang it up against the wall. Whenever I need to visit a site, I can scan with my phone and I’m there!

Buy Lifetime Deal for $39.00 was easy to set up, worked instantly – no headaches, no fuss. Unlimited static custom codes is a gem. The only thing that would make this a perfect deal is having custom DYNAMIC codes.

Get Appsumo in the Deal for $39.00

Promote events and discounts. You can promote any event or give discount codes when people scan the QR gives you full control of the design process. Create custom QR codes that match your brand look & feel, you can even add your logo to the QR code.

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