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Seiso : Exhaustive SEISO is an advanced Google Ads insight platform that helps you optimize your PPC ads and campaigns (Adwords). Insights are applicable and prioritized by business impact, they can be applied on your account in few clicks. Each month, a new audit report in your mailbox to improve continuously the results and keep the Google Ads budget under control.

With Premium options, SEISO will pushes the recommandations directly into the Google Ads interface automatically on daily basis. No need to work with different tools, SEISO enhance your vision in your Google Ads dashboard to help you to improve your results and your workflow!

Buy Seiso Lifetime Deal for $5.00


Insights are applicable and prioritized by business impact, they can be applied to your account in a few clicks.Each month, a new audit report to continuously improve your ROI, grow your campaigns and explore new opportunities on all Google Ads Networks

Get Appsumo Seiso in the Deal for $5.00

The SEISO report provides step-by-step, well thought-out rationales for the more involved optimization suggestions. This helps us craft simple justifications for campaign changes that I can share with my boss and my team.

Seiso Pro Plan

Analyzes the integrity of your Google Ads expenses

Identify high-performing campaigns that underdeliver,

Show lost impressions on your profitable and high—potential targets and spots

Get our proprietary Weighted Quality Score analysis detailing its key factors, impact and improvement recommendations

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