Appsumo Lifetime: Directual Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Directual Appsumo: Directual lets manage your app and track stats from the main app dashboard getting access to the front end back end and API layers from one convenient place. You can also connect your app with popular services like site builders CRMs email platforms messengers.

This platform’s intuitive tools allow you to configure your database quickly by setting up folders data structures objects’ fields and groups of fields. Powered by Amazon’s cloud infrastructure NoSQL Directual database is built to scale with your app.

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Directual Appsumo

you can configure user-based access to certain fields through the filters which means no one will get access to your data unless you provide it to them. You can automate any back-end logic of your app by building and interconnecting scenarios to create clear.

Click Here to Buy Directual Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Set up event-based scenarios for processing objects and run scenarios according to a schedule—whether it’s every minute every day or every second Wednesday of the month. Get ready to enjoy fast processing too! Directual scenarios run in near real-time with each step taking milliseconds!

To work with the database through web or mobile interfaces you can design and create secure API endpoints to write and read your data. Then connect the API with a user interface and choose from several options for building the front end of your app.

If you’re stuck between building your app on a no-code platform and getting the full potential of traditional coding. Whether you’re a pro developer or someone who just likes to build apps for fun Directual gives you the flexibility and scalability of coding in a no-code format.

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