Appsumo Lifetime: Fusioo Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Fusioo Appsumo: You can completely customize Fusioo through the creation of Apps which are like sheets in a spreadsheet but way better.Create specific Apps to track and manage projects sales leads clients and whatever else your business needs.You’ll also be able to customize Apps to store your information through the use of custom Fields.

Once you’ve built your workspace you can view data in list badge Kanban and calendar formats or through custom widgets like sorted lists and various charts.Fusioo Workflows help you automate manual processes in an if-this-then-that format so you can set it and forget it.When a new record is created or updated or you reach a specific date you can automatically send emails in-app notifications or webhooks to third-party applications.

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Fusioo Appsumo

You can also invite clients to your Fusioo workspace where they can collaborate vierecords and upload files as well as run manual workflows like approval procedures.Workflows even let you send data from Fusioo to any other application using the webhooks action so you can integrate it into your ecosystem without any hassle.

Click Here to Buy Fusioo Lifetime Deal for $69.00

The Fusioo Report Builder allows you to create custom reports from scratch or start with a variety of pre-built templates.Quickly create reports like invoices estimates proposals application forms or various status reports to combine data and streamline business processes.You only need to create the report once then you can print a fresh PDF file from different sets of data.

Get powerful access permissions to control which roles can create update delete print import and export data.As an administrator you can also select which dashboards reports and manually triggered workflows are available to any role so your data is both private and secure.Plus you’ll be able to onboard and offboard team members by moving users to their newly assigned roles in your workspace.

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