Appsumo Lifetime: Lifetime Deal for $149.00

220 Appsumo: has many unique features to automate push campaigns  and interact with subscribers: Drip Campaigns for sending a series of notifications Push Digest to send TOP-news and RSS To Push for creating campaigns from an RSS Feed. supports all popular Browsers and OS – Chrome Firefox.

It helps you run several notification campaigns based on the visitors’ segmentation. Works well both on Desktop and Mobile. I have implemented it on my WordPress website. It happened without any difficulty.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $149.00 Appsumo

Gravitec is a push notification tool. It helps to stay connected with your audience and website visitor send them alerts and very easy to migrate from other tools. If you are looking for a push notification tool then Gravitec should be your first option as it is cost-effective and full of functionalities.

Introducing – a smart web push service. You don’t need to worry about what to send or even how to create a notification—it’s all done for you. Encourage visitors to subscribe with customized prompts.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $149.00

Alternative to: OneSignal VWO Subscribers Izooto Webpushr  Best for: WordPress users small and medium-sized business owners who wants to boost subscriptions and repeat traffic.

I can’t wait to see how fast my business will grow. ‘Cause i know this will be a game-changer for me. One of my favorite features is the “Bell”, it takes the push notifications into another higher level.

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