Appsumo Lifetime: Gyana Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Gyana Appsumo: You shouldn’t have to learn SQL just to work with data. Gyana makes it easy to get started automating everything with workflows. The drag-and-drop visual workflow editor lets you put workflow nodes onto the canvas and connect them together. Automate anything a spreadsheet does including formulas for key metrics like lifetime value and acquisition cost.

You can even duplicate workflows to use as templates so you only have to build your analysis pipeline once and then tweak it for future projects. Build customized dashboards in Gyana to have all the data you need at your fingertips. You can make your dashboards on a freeform canvas that’s resizable for mobile or desktop.

Click Here to Buy Gyana Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Gyana Appsumo

With Gyana agencies can provide a high-quality white-labeled experience to many different clients allowing them to access customized reporting right in the tool. Keep work for different clients in separate subaccounts which offer access controls for inviting clients to view their specific reports.

Click Here to Buy Gyana Lifetime Deal for $59.00

You can also white-label your client dashboards with branded themes and host them on a custom domain for a seamless customer experience. Gyana makes it easy to gather all your data into one place plus build workflows and dashboards so you can actually put it to good use!

Gyana integrates with all your advertising analytics e-comm and custom data sources. You can start by building a dashboard answer specific questions with our drag-n-drop workflow editor and share results in a single click.

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