Appsumo Lifetime: Jemi Lifetime Deal for $79.00


Jemi Appsumo: Jemi offers a website builder where you can create your own dream website for your personal brand. Unlike other website builders in the market Jemi lets you create a bio link that connects all your content or even an advanced ecommerce store.

Jemi has everything you need to create a landing page portfolio blog or personal site that matches your brand’s aesthetic. Customize the layouts fonts and domain name to build a website that truly feels like.You can use pre-built blocks to create a blog add shop items embed content from your social media accounts.

Click Here to Buy Jemi Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Jemi Appsumo

Jemi is great for creators who want to sell everything they can imagine from digital downloads to monthly subscriptions. The tool integrates with Printful so you can offer products fulfill orders and ship them with minimal effort. Having trouble multitasking? Consolidate your accounts on Gumroad Shopify Patreon and everything else related to your business in one convenient location.

Click Here to Buy Jemi Lifetime Deal for $79.00

When a bulk of your traffic comes from Instagram or Twitter a link in bio site optimized for mobile is a must-have—but a boring page full of links just won’t cut it. With Jemi, you can customize the look and feel of your bio site. It’s time for your content and business to reach its full potential. With Jemi, you can supercharge your business and keep your audience up-to-date with all your projects.

I had my eye on Jemi the it launched on AppSumo. It immediately grabbed my attention and stood out based on the designs of the demo/sample pages to show how Jemi-built websites look. Too many startups just don’t spend time on modern looking UI or design.

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