Appsumo Lifetime: Leadcamp Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Leadcamp Appsumo: you’ll know exactly where your leads are going and when. Leadcamp monitors multiple channels analyzes them and returns a Heat Score then pushes the data to trigger automation flows and alerts depending on the integration. You can automate task notifications for your team so that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten.

Use the Heat Score to discover how hot your leads are based on data Leadcamp has automatically collected and analyzed for you. You can get an overview of all your leads and filter them by their Heat Score on the Leads dashboard to determine your highest quality leads.

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Leadcamp Appsumo

Leadcamp generates recommendations for your next best steps so that you know who to reach out to when to follow up and when to reply to leads.You can save time by only following up with and reaching out to the leads who need the communication when they need it most.

Click Here to Buy Leadcamp Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Privacy is embedded into the entirety of Leadcamp by design so users can easily meet global regulatory requirements. Once an admin applies the GDPR/CCPA settings team members will not be able to make changes helping you ensure full compliance.

The guessing game might be a blast at baby showers but not so much when you want to identify your hottest leads. Leadcamp helps you take the guesswork out of lead scoring and get strategic recommendations based on your leads’ activity online.

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