Appsumo Lifetime: Linguix Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Linguix Appsumo: Use Linguix to instantly check grammar with your own Linguix browser extension. The browser extension lets you check grammar real-time on all your favorite sites—from Google Docs to Facebook. You can also upload documents to your Linguix account to check grammar spelling and style in one easy-to-use dashboard.

This intelligent writing assistant helps you write more clearly and powerfully so you can become a better writer over time. With the Linguix browser extension you’ll be able to speed up your writing with pre-drafted snippets that you can instantly insert into emails social media posts and more.

Click Here to Buy Linguix Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Linguix Appsumo

Take your content a step further with Linguix’s built-in vocabulary suggestions that let you improve your writing as you type!\ You can also expand your vocabulary using the “Look Up in Linguix” feature on the browser extension to get definitions of words as you read. Linguix offers detailed explanations for grammar corrections to sharpen your writing for business emails academic work and personal projects.

Click Here to Buy Linguix Lifetime Deal for $49.00

The Linguix web app allows you to access audience-specific statistics so you know you’re putting the best content out there for your target audience. Use the Statistics feature to see your word count average word length reading time and overall readability score.

Have confidential or sensitive content that you want to keep secure? Linguix protects your most important documents with flexible privacy settings. Use Secret Mode in the web app to edit sensitive content safely. Linguix will check the content provide suggestions and then delete your writing after you’ve made the recommended changes.

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