Appsumo Lifetime: Mad Ader Lifetime Deal for $9.00


Mad Ader Appsumo: This extension will save you time by allowing you to easily save/download FB ads to Google sheet or CSV file. You can easily add any FB ad you see to your ads database while you’re scrolling around FB newsfeed. You can also add ads from the ads library of any page on FB.

You can download your entire DB of saved ads to a CSV or you can send it to a Google sheet & create automated workflows around that. People are running proven profitable FB ads; with Mad Ader you can too.

Click Here to Buy Mad Ader Lifetime Deal for $9.00

Mad Ader Appsumo

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Click Here to Buy Mad Ader Lifetime Deal for $9.00

Mad Ader

Run winning profitable facebook ads

Save ads from your news feed

Save ads from ad libraries.

Search your ads database

Export data to csv

Sync with google sheets

Reseller Accounts Available (not included in deal)

White-Label Available (not included in this deal)

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