Appsumo Lifetime: Seers Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Seers Appsumo: you can automatically block tags third-party cookies banners, and trackers until the visitor gives consent or go with traditional blocking methods. Cookie consen management enables websites to inform users and obtain their consent for personal data collection and processing through tracking technologies.

Plus the custom preference center also lets visitors select which cookies and tracking technologies are enabled. Scan your website and automatically detect privacy risks of categorizing cookies and other tracking technologies. Seers’ Policies Pack gives businesses full customization and total control over their legal compliance obligations.

Click Here to Buy Seers Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Seers Appsumo

The professional business policies are drafted by expert lawyers so you can easily create publish verify and attest correct policies and procedures. From there, you’ll be able to generate policies that ensure compliant practices for data breaches privacy cookies and more.

Click Here to Buy Seers Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Seers also offers online interactive modular-based e-training courses so your staff can be GDPR-certified. Make your employees aware of the risks involved in processing personal data and how to mitigate them in courses designed by the world’s leading privacy regulation experts.You’ll be able to easily prove that your staff has been trained on basic data protection practices.

Seers also offers a GDPR audit to minimize the risk associated with privacy protection and provide an all-encompassing compliance evaluation.Navigate your way forward and troubleshoot existing problem areas by analyzing inadequate policies and procedures found in the audit.You’ll be able to regulate the processing of personal data as well as identify and control risks to prevent data breaches.

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