Appsumo Lifetime: Soundwise Essentials Plan Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Soundwise Essentials Plan Appsumo: Soundwise provides rich marketing features that help you sell more of your audio content. You’ll get the name and email of each of your listeners so you can use your awesome audio content for lead generation and build your email list. Lead magnets you can listen to? Now that’s music to our ears.

If the amount we spend on Netflix Hulu and Spotify Premium is any indicator subscription services are a prime way to sell media content. Soundwise’s flexible sales options allow you to offer audio products online as a subscription one-time purchase or rental.

Click Here to Buy Soundwise Essentials Plan Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Soundwise Essentials Plan Appsumo

Soundwise helps you delight listeners with a comprehensive content experience. Include images and PDF documents to accompany your audio tracks in the mobile app. If you publish educational content you can also add action items so listeners can better implement what you taught.

Click Here to Buy Soundwise Essentials Plan Lifetime Deal for $59.00

When you’re done you can slice and dice your audio programs any way you want by dragging and dropping to change the order of audio tracks or moving tracks across different audio programs. Soundwise lets you create a seamless experience for mobile listeners while protecting the safety of your premium content.

After their purchase listeners can instantly access your proprietary content on the go and interact with you through comments on the Soundwise app to share how much they love your stuff.

With Soundwise it’s simple to create price sell and deliver your audio products—while engaging with your audience—from one convenient platform. Stop juggling tools and start making great audio content.

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