Appsumo Lifetime: SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal for $69.00


SpeedPPC Appsumo: SpeedPPC hits the sweet spot between basic and complicated offering an easy interface and a wealth of tools to manage multiple ad campaigns simultaneously. You can use keyword research tools to create relevant keyword sets and save them for use within your campaign whether you’re working with bid keywords negative keywords.

you’ll be able to build targeted ad campaigns that perfectly match the keywords people search which boosts clickthrough rates and quality scores so you’re paying less for more traffic. And with dynamic landing page integration you can generate a unique URL for every keyword that presents the most relevant content.

Click Here to Buy SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal for $69.00

SpeedPPC Appsumo

You don’t have to settle for only Expanded Text Ads either—you can also create Responsive Text Ads and Call-Only Ads that match targeted keywords and lower costs on the display network. Plus SpeedPPC lets you focus on long-tail keywords for targeted searches with fallback options that have you covered when your keywords are too long.

Click Here to Buy SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal for $69.00

SpeedPPC doesn’t hold you back based on how much you spend or how many clients you have. Create unlimited campaigns with ads and keyword sets that aren’t tethered to your ad spend all organized on your dashboard to view and edit. It’s super simple to juggle similar campaigns with different targets.

SpeedPPC also helps you ramp up your campaigns with baked-in research reports that show you what’s working for others. Spy on competitors to see what keywords they’re bidding on what ads they’re running, and what kinds of impressions and clicks they’re seeing. By reviewing paid and organic campaigns in-platform you’ll get the scoop on effective keywords and high-ranking sites.

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