Appsumo Lifetime: Streamr Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Streamr Appsumo: Streamr is the ONLY desktop-app multilingual video and audio transcription and translator with BUILT-IN LIVE STREAMING TECHNOLOGY.

Some of these features include automatic transcribing automatic translation overlay subtitles and automatic audio translation.

Streamr uses AI and a UN-style voiceover method. Select the accent dialect and style from 270+ voices available in the software. Google Wavenet Voices is integrated and gives you a choice of converting your videos in any language you love and supporting multiple speech voices in one video.

Click Here to Buy Streamr Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Streamr Appsumo
Going global is not optional anymore — it’s the ONLY way forward. Check out these demo videos here and here! Tap into BILLIONS of people who don’t speak English in just 5 easy steps.

Streamr accomplishes its purpose. But the set up isn’t easy as they claim it to be on their website. I was finding myself looking at their help center page multiple times to solve the errors I was getting when trying to transcribe a video.

Click Here to Buy Streamr Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Overall Streamr is a helpful tool with about 89% accuracy in the transcription. It significantly reduces the time needed to be spent transcribing a video manually.

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to Streamr

You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase

All future plan updates

GDPR Compliant (Partner Verified)

Please note: this deal is not stackable

60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason


Super easy to use

Easy to set up

A complete solution

Cutting-edge technology

Maximum global reach

Automatic transcribing

Automatic audio translation

Automated voiceover

Automated caption creation

Built-in live Stream

Audio to text transcription and translation

Video to text transcription and translation

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