Appsumo Lifetime: Switchy Lifetime Deal for $39.00


Switchy Appsumo: Once you’ve generated the most clickable links in the game you can track users engaging with your post.You can integrate retargeting pixels directly into your links without any technical skills thanks to step-by-step instructions. So now every user who clicks your link will be automatically pixeled and targeted on any Ads Platform.

These mini-landing pages are designed for mobile so you can use them as a more comprehensive biolink for your social profiles to redirect leads to your most important content. There’s no point in blowing your budget on ads that don’t reach and attract the right people.

Click Here to Buy Switchy Lifetime Deal for $39.00

Switchy Appsumo

That’s why once you share your smart retargeting links or your biolink you’ll get real-time data directly in your dashboard. Dive deep with detailed metrics and analytics for each link like click numbers device types referrals audience sources and more! You’ll also be able to run A/B tests and smart ads for more efficient campaigns!

Click Here to Buy Switchy Lifetime Deal for $39.00

Links that aren’t customized look unappealing and untrustworthy. And if you want conversions you can’t have that. Switchy lets you customize shorten and track your smart links for more conversions.

I’ve been using Switchy for a week and it has been a life saver. It’s super easy to use and has helped me shorten links seamlessly. I was also able to add a custom bio link to my social media posts.

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