Appsumo Lifetime: Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Appsumo: With an integrated ticketing system in the same interface you can simplify and organize operations by keeping all the support tickets in one place. The system lets you place customer tickets and then assign and manage requests to an agent or team.

You’ll be able to provide personalized support with AI-powered routing technology that lets you intelligently route requests and conversations to the right agent automatically. With the advanced help desk automation feature you can help customers help themselves with self-service options.

Click Here to Buy Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Appsumo

Automatically convert booking refund, or purchasing requests into a placed order through the AI-powered self-service feature. You can also place cancellations or complaint requests about products automatically with no need for agent support.

Click Here to Buy Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal for $69.00

These self-service options allow you to free up time spent on repetitive tasks and enable your team to focus on more complex requests. Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk gives you one centralized dashboard to manage omnichannel communication and ticketing so you never lose track of another customer request.

At first the UI seemed a little confusing but after viewing a webinar and a meeting with Mo from tactful I was quickly able to navigate my way through building out our knowledgebase and Chat responses.

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