Appsumo Lifetime: TypeSkip Lifetime Deal for $59.00


TypeSkip Appsumo: Since Google is leveraging high-end AI to understand content way better it is a great opportunity to capitalize on long tail search queries and search intent and rank better in Google. In financial terms product information and descriptions for eCommerce industry are also increasingly growing in significance.

They get the product descriptions re-written for some key products. This may or may not work but they will anyway lose the website traffic for the rest of the products. In all product description needs a better strategy but it is necessary to understand why product descriptions are so vital and why they matter for ecommerce sites so much.

Click Here to Buy TypeSkip Lifetime Deal for $59.00

TypeSkip Appsumo

From listing products in seconds and creating quality video ad scripts to go with it to writing SEO optimized blog articles to use as lead magnets or rank up high TypeSkip helps you do it all. TypeSkip stands in the middle towards the low of the AI writer’s hierarchy.

Click Here to Buy TypeSkip Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Each subscription also includes up to 10 user seats for team members or for easy outsourcing to V.As. Listing your product in seconds with high-quality product descriptions could only beconsidered magic before  Now TypeSkip makes that possible.

What is interesting for me was that it seems like sometimes it’s outputting other people’s results in my copy! The other thing would be the menu and UX in general which I think needs more work. I’ve talked to the developer about this and he was very friendly and open about it.

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