Appsumo Lifetime: WP Force SSL Lifetime Deal for $49.00


WP Force SSL Appsumo: For years a valid SSL certificate and a properly configured site have been an important SEO ranking factor! However if you’ve moved your site to a new hosting changed the domain or switched to HTTPS getting everything configured properly is hard.

WP Force SSL instantly solves all SSL problems! In addition it provides real-time monitoring for the SSL certificate and the site so you’ll get notified if something’s not working or if your certificate is about to expire.

Click Here to Buy WP Force SSL Lifetime Deal for $49.00

WP Force SSL AppsumoRedirecting HTTP content to HTTPS checking the certificate ensuring security headers are working are just some of the features you’ll get. However the real power lies in the Content Scanner! It checks every resource on every page on your site to find & remove mixed content errors, the silent SEO rank killers.

Click Here to Buy WP Force SSL Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Control all your sites and licenses, or fully rebrand the plugin without editing any code from the centralized Dashboard. Impress your clients by having a custom plugin that has your company name & logo.

“WP Forzar SSL” is a super useful tool that does all the work for me and I no longer have to depend on Cloudflare to create and monitor my SSL also I no longer have problems with heavy traffic because everything remains within my web pages and The best of all is that you make this product yours as if it were a plugin created for you with the name of your company.

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to WP Force SSL Plan

You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

All future WP Force SSL Plan updates

60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

WP Force SSL

10 sites license

All current & future plugin features + support

Real-time SSL certificate & site monitoring

Content Scanner

Centralized Dashboard for controlling sites, licenses, brands & SSL monitors

Stack 1 additional code to get:

Everything above + 40 extra sites license = 50 sites in total + white-label feature

Stack 2 additional codes to get:

Everything above + unlimited sites license

Complete plugin rebranding to impress your clients (no code editing needed)

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