Appsumo Marketplace: Soundwise Appsumo Yearly Deal at $99


Soundwise is the ideal tool for selling audiobooks, audio courses, and paid podcasts directly to consumers.

Soundwise is best for Self-publishing authors, coaches, trainers, meditation teachers, therapists, and experienced podcasters.

Click Here to Buy Soundwise Appsumo Yearly Deal at $99

It’s an all-in-one audio publishing tool that you — the publisher — control.

Upload your audio to Soundwise and it immediately becomes available to your customers on the listener-favorite Soundwise mobile app after they buy. Your customers can then take your audio on the go with convenient offline listening.


All the while, your audio is totally protected, as nobody can copy or move your audio files outside of the app.

You can also publish free audio to build your email list, create discounts and trials to promote sales and sell your own streaming library by bundling different audio products together, and charging subscription fees.

Click Here to Buy Soundwise Appsumo Yearly Deal at $99

Do you have text materials that accompany your audio? Upload them as a PDF or image and your listeners will get them on the app too.

No more paying out 60-80% of your sales to sell on platforms that charge you an arm and a leg

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