Appsumo Marketplace: Tartle Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $5


TARTLE is a global personal data marketplace. TARTLE is best for people and businesses trying to create new income streams by controlling their data.

TARTLE solves data ownership, acquisition, and monetization barriers by enabling a content-driven marketplace for the most personally identifiable data on the internet… and for both people and businesses alike.

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Spooling up a new business in the healthcare sector? No problem. Access full FHIR healthcare records from US citizens.


Looking for a new annuity stream to boost business revenue? Sell your data sets with ease!
Need more control over your digital life and who your information goes to? Consider it done by linking your account with popular systems across the internet.

Clawing for financial freedom? Sell your data and be your own bank by earning up to $1000 a month.

Click Here to Buy TARTLE Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $5

Why wouldn’t you get paid for the data you create a day in and day out? You should. It’s time you get your piece of the big data pie.

This is an app that brings power back to the people by allowing an individual’s digital identity to truly be their own once again. For far too long our digital assets have been stolen for someone else to profit. It’s time to revolutionize and free the masses, and this app will take us there if we all wake up to the reality of our shackles and join.

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