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AR is going to be Apple’s next big hit : Ken

Former Apple software engineer Ken Kocienda believes that AR or Augmented Reality is going to be Apple’s next hit. Apple is working on an AR feature that would allow users to use their camera for things more interesting than taking photos.

“You can take your phone and you could point its camera at something in the world,” said Kocienda.

Ken is also the main man behind the original on-screen keyboard on the iPhone and the auto-correct feature. The main user of augmented reality in phones is Google, which is in a race to release AR tools like Google Lens to attract developers. Through AR, users would be able to see information as a part of their surroundings. The famous mobile game ‘Pokemon GO’ is an example of the implementation and integration of AR in mobile devices.

Predicted impact of AR on Apple

As per Merrill Lynch, Apple’s move into AR would boost the sales of iPhones and subsequently, in-app purchases on the App Store. It is predicted that a successful reception of Apple’s augmented reality apps would create a revenue source of nearly $8billion.

Ken believes that “there is a sort of ‘ebb and flow’ to progressions in technology and the paradigm shift often takes a while”. The inclusion of augmented reality or AR in future Apple devices would surely boost its price. However, according to Ken, Apple is the only company which can account for its prices.

‘Creative Selection’

Ken was a loyal server to Apple for 15 years. He recently shifted to CNBC, after releasing his book ” Creative Selection”, which gives an insider’s view on Apple under Steve Jobs. The book tells about the experiments with keyboard layouts etc. Ken also worked with Scott Forstall secretly, on a project called Project Purple- a project not even Jobs knew about. It takes the reader on a journey of how the iPhone and the iPad came into being.

The book is out on iBook, hardcover, Kindle etc.