Aripanel Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $99.00


Aripanel Review: Airpanel is an online events platform that keeps attendees engaged.

Our mission: make happy attendees, hosts, and sponsors for any virtual event.

Our blend of audio-only breakout sessions with a sprinkle of interactive speaker features, helps keep event attendees engaged.

Buy Aripanel Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Aripanel Review

During virtual events it is hard for speakers to know if the audience is even listening. With attendee interactions, you can see who is interacting with your delivery via realtime emojis, chat, and virtual hand raising.

Keep your sponsors happy, with Airpanel’s interactive backstage. Show them realtime attendee reactions to the content they are promoting.

Get Appsumo Aripanel in the Deal for $99.00

Airpanel Plans

    • Up to 20 breakout sessions in one event.

    • 20 keynote speakers or sponsors for your event

    • No time limits on audio or presentation feeds

    • Up to 250 attendees per event.

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