Around every 5th of Android Phone owners plan to Switch to iPhones


Due to various reasons which is why the report is made, states why every 5th of Android Phones users desires to turn to iPhone

Analyst Horace Dediu tweeted out a chart of data put together by Merrill Lynch Global Research on 32,523 smartphone users ranging from Apple, Blackberry, and Google to a series of global Android licensees: HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE.

For each phone maker, the most popular choice among users for their next phone was another model from the same manufacturer.

Among customers across phone manufacturers, the figures stand at

Loyalty to Stick to the Brand

  • Apple – 70%
  • Samsung – 53%
  • Huawei – 54%
  • Google – 42%

The rest of the brands depict even lower levels of Loyalty Percentage

Apple is a choice for most potential buyers in their next purchase

Apple stood to be the most popular brand among ‘the switchers’. Among top 5 Android brands globally, 15 to 25% stated they planned to buy an iPhone next.

Among HTC buyers, 25% desired iPhone for next purchase, nearly as high as the 34% who said they’d get another HTC phone. Only 1% of iPhone purchasers indicated interest in buying an HTC.

Image Source: Google

The whole brand change works even among the big sharks. Almost 19% of Samsung users desired to switch to iPhones and only 4% of the iPhone users are willing to switch to Android.

Alternate to iPhones, Huawei was the other brand users were willing to switch to. Around 15% of Huawei users willing to switch to the iOS platform whereas only 5% were ready to move to Huawei (Android).

Other top Chinese brands, including Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Lenovo’s Motorola each got 1 or 2 percentage points of interest among iPhone buyers. On the other end, 20% of their users planned to switch in the opposite direction.

Other Sharks of the Phone Market aren’t doing very well

Blackberry and Google represented very small groups in the survey, with less than 50 users. Only 30% of Blackberry owners planned to buy another Blackberry, but 22% planned to get an iPhone.

And even among Google buyers, a group that has gone out of its way to pay a premium for Android specifically to support Google, 5times as many said they planned to replace theirs with an iPhone compared to the 1% of iPhone users who said they intended to buy a phone from Google.

These figures are markedly different from numbers released in 2015 by Ericsson, which studied actual activations of new phones on a monthly basis.

What does the report conclude?

It concluded that “the majority of smartphone users remain loyal to their operating system,” and that in particular, “owners of high-end models were much more likely to select a new model in the same series from the same vendor than users of lower-end models.”

It noted at the time that “around 80% of Android and iOS users are loyal to their operating system,” while a small trickle of net switchers was continually flowing into the iOS installed base.

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