Astropad app gains support for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


Astropad app gets updated to version 1.3 which supports iPad pro and Apple Pencil, this update brings new enhancements for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil users. The app already supported native resolution on the 12.9 inch tablet and basic Apple Pencil support, and this particular free update focuses on specific improvements to Pro plus Pencil features to make the most of the new hardware and create a first class experience.


If you’re not familiar with Astropad, the iPad app pairs with a Mac version, allowing you to draw and sketch on your tablet display and control what you do in Mac software like Photoshop. The experience is similar to connecting a Wacom tablet to a Mac for creating the digital sketch pad experience, but using the iPad you already own offers benefits like wireless connectivity and Apple Pencil support.

Now this latest version of Astropad can recognize Apple pencil’s title feature which the app turns into accurate brush simulations on the Mac. Apple Pencil supports pressure sensitivity and also adds advanced stroke tuning with Apple pencil. Astropad has also cranked up image quality within the app so your projects will appear crisper on the larger iPod Pro display.

This latest update also includes fine tuning that reduces latency between the iPad and Mac that Machines with dual graphics cards will benefit from the most. Right now this app is available on Apple App Store for free of cost.

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