Audio Recorder2 brings impressive recording to iOS 8


Audio Recorder2 is a jailbreak tweak which is very impressive and allows you to record phone calls from a variety of sources and also lets you record system audio. Audio Recorder2 features a few legal warnings that you have to work through before you can use it. There’s even a detailed legal disclaimer in the tweak’s description on Cydia.

Probably you are well-known about other jailbreak releases by Limneos, such as CallBar and Bioprotect. This tweak is almost equal and more than those two tweaks. To know more about this tweak just view the video given below

Once you’re down with installing this device, you have to be familiar with three specific areas of this application namely app interface, Manual interface and preferences. Preferences is the area where to configure the way of tweak works and you’ll find a kill-switch, and a few global settings for providing audible warnings for in-progress recordings. The manual interface is used to start and stop the recordings when ever you want to record.


In the application interface, where all the recordings are housed and managed from here and you can play recordings and you can delete the unwanted recordings and also users can share the recording through iOS 8 share sheet.

This app also allows you to establish auto uploading to a Drop Box or Google drive account and features syncing over cellular. For manual manage recordings you can enable a web server to pull files off of your device from web browser.

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