Australian teen hacks into Apple servers; might get job offer


Getting a job in tech juggernauts is every techie’s dream. Let alone a company like Apple, which became the first company in the world to reach 1 trillion dollar market capitalization value? Whew!

But what if you’re told that you might just get a job offer for the biggest company in the world, by hacking into their servers? Yup.

What really happened?

A 16-year-old kid in Australia managed to hack into Apple’s computer systems over the past year. He stole nearly 90 gigabytes of data over the period. If you’re wondering why is hacking 90 GB of data is being exclaimed so much; that too in a world where memory units reach zettabytes, here’s the answer. Apple proudly boasts to have one of the tightest virtual security walls, impossible ( well, almost impossible) to hack into. Being able to hack into their systems and obtain files is a cause of concern. That too by a 16-year-old teenager!

The matter was reported to FBI and then the Australian police. When Apple, eventually, discovered the breach. Even though the teen shared his impeccable achievement with his peers through Whatsapp, none of the user information was compromised. ” We want to assure our customers that at no point during this incident was their personal data compromised.” claimed a spokesperson for Apple.

Moreover, the funniest part was the fact that the teen, who’s been kept anonymous because of his age, humorously named the folder ” Hacky Hack Hack”.

” Two Apple laptops  were confiscated from the suspect’s house. On matching the serial numbers with the database, all doubts were erased for it paired and confirmed that he was the intruder.” said an Australian prosecutor.

What lies in the future for the teen?

The teenager is notorious for his hacking skills in the virtual community. This constitutes another reason why his name is being withheld. He also exclaimed that he dreamt of becoming an Apple employee someday, a dream of many young minds.

Dr. Dreyfus, a privacy expert studying the case told Guardian that a “punitive” sentence to a child of such capabilities would be ” a waste of potential” Maybe Apple executives have the same line of thoughts, for rumour has it that Apple might just consider looking into the boy’s case with a speck of optimism, and might offer him a job opportunity

What better way to avoid future hacks and intrusions like these, than hiring the hacker itself!

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