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based out of Bangalore, India, Rajesh has been instrumental in building the base behind The iBulletin. He has been with the portal since beginning and has overseen the initial content building for years.
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How to delete, recover pictures and videos with photos on MacOS X

This article provides you the clear information about how to delete, recover and delete permanently pictures or videos in the Photos of OS X on your Mac device

How to wipe personal data completely on iOS devices

This article provides step-to-step guide on how to wipe all personal data off iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Even you can get how to erase data remotely by using iCloud and find my iPhone on the device

How to watch webM video on iPhone or iPad

This tutorial guides you on how to watch webm on iPhone. Using the steps, you can play webm videos on iPad or iPhone. Check inside for more information.

Apple to sweep Antivirus app from iOS : Rumor

It looks like Apple may be in process of removing anti-virus app from the iOS App store, recently number of virus scanners are removed from the App store and one of the application affected was VirusBarrier

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