Battle for best tablets : iPads being held back by Mobile Safari?


iPads are constantly being compared to the Chromebooks and Surface laptops. Many people face difficulties while performing certain tasks on their iPad when compared to Macs and the surprising fact is that it is not due to the hardware.

The issue is mostly due to the software. Safari the default iOS browser has many issues when it comes to working with websites. The websites which don’t provide a Desktop mode for the iPad even on requesting and it’s a big issue. Most developers design their sites to be navigated using a mouse. The solution to this problem is providing a desktop version of Safari for iPad along with a mouse support. The iPad supports keyboard and the addition of mouse shouldn’t be that difficult.

Just think about using the desktop version of WordPress or Squarespace on an iPad. This along with a mouse support will be a nice replacement for a Mac. You could use the full web version of Google Docs instead of the below average apps. Think about being able to select the things that you want from a webpage easily with the help of a mouse.

Touch screens are great but people still struggle to use them to perform tasks which can be done by a mouse/keyboard quite easily.

It would be great if an iPad Pro could be connected to a monitor via HDMI and use it with a keyboard and mouse. It can be very useful during board meetings where you could plug in the iPad during a presentation and when it’s over it could be used normally.

This feature in an iPad Pro would be great for IT sections as it would be a lot more affordable than the Surface Pros and Macs while offering more flexibility than the Chromebooks.

As the iPhones have gotten bigger they are able to perform the tasks that were meant for the iPads whereas the iPads are nowhere near the capability of the Macs. If iPads receive some desktop-level apps with the mouse support it would definitely change the future of iPads.

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