bCast Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $79.00


bCast Review: If podcasts were all about the love of the medium, then we wouldn’t be skipping 30 seconds of Mailchimp commercials every episode. With all the work you put into creating your podcast, it’s only natural to want your efforts to turn into conversions.

bCast generates an email address for you to read on-air, allowing listeners to message that address and opt in to your offer directly. The lead is then sent through bCast into your CRM, or you can use the Zapier Webhook integration to interface with tools like ConvertKit and Mailchimp to easily add them into your sales funnel.

Buy bCast Review Lifetime Deal for $79.00

bCast Review

Dynamic Content Insertions let you plug audio clips straight into your recording with only a few clicks. While you’re plugging in content to previous episodes, you can pay to get your podcast professionally edited right from the bCast dashboard, instead of looking for editors yourself.

bCast also lets you choose season numbers for episodes and tag whether the content is a bonus episode or trailer for easy distinction. Your site visitors will also have the option to subscribe to the podcast and get on your email list right from your page for even more leads.

The automated transcription feature also lets you maximize the SEO value of your content by loading the text onto your site, plus boosts accessibility. Give your guests the heads-up when their episode goes live with notification emails for one or more guests, which come complete with easy-to-share links auto-generated in the email copy.

Add your affiliate links to the bCast podcast player and website to grab 30% commission on all the customers you send back their way. The embeddable player even has an email opt-in form to collect subscribers while they’re listening.

Get Appsumo bCast in the Deal for $79.00

Plus, detailed analytics with IAB download compliance give you increased accuracy to see how well your podcast is doing. Much like that summer “internship” at your uncle’s restaurant, your podcast shouldn’t take up all your energy if it doesn’t pay.

For the best chance at growing your business through podcasting, you want a platform that pulls its weight and works for you. bCast offers easy listener conversion paired with quick sponsor and CTA plugs for maximum returns.

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